Tuning Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG


TOPCAR announces the beginning of work over the tuning of Mercedes-Benz cars. The first tuning project for Mercedes is the aerodynamic body kit for Mercedes ML 63 AMG named “INFERNO”. A refined sense of style, conciseness, harmony and powerful energy of a winner are the concepts we’ve tried to unite in the new project. The inspiration for creating this body kit in our tuning atelier in Moscow was the Mercedes-Benz - Black Series car line. The aerokit consists of the front and rear fascias, fender extenders, door plates, front fender plates, sills, a hood, a spoiler on the boot lid and exhaust pipe finishers. Additional LED lights are integrated into the front fascia, another interesting stylistic element of the front fascia is the diffuser, which with its form repeats the form of the radiator grille (see photo). The aerodynamic body kit offers an extended carbon detailing, as on another work of ours – the new Range Rover car tuning. Traditionally, the aerodynamic body kit is made of carbon and kevlar, with the use of the vacuum draping technology.

The price of the complete Inferno package with details for further painting (including painting and installation) is equal to 22 768 euros.

The price of the complete Inferno package with carbon detailing (including painting and installation) is equal to 27 070 euros.

We offer to the customers willing to increase the 63 AMG version engine power three programs to choose between:

  1. Increase of power to 640 h.p. and torque – to 980 Nm. Cost: 7900 euros
  2. Increase of power to 690 h.p. and torque – to 1100 Nm. Cost: 11900 euros
  3. Increase of power to 760 h.p. and torque – to 1150 Nm. Cost: 21900 euros

A logical continuation of the exterior tuning is the interior tuning of Mercedes. Each interior is created individually, in accordance with the client’s unique needs.

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