Lamborghini Urus S ( 2023 ) Light carbon fiber package

TopCar Design company is expanding its Lamborghini car tuning programs.

New aerodynamic body kit for the Lamborghini Urus S and Urus Performante includes full set of carbon detailing: entire lower part of the front bumper, side bumper air ducts,  fully carbon fiber hood, front and rear fender linings, side sills, mirrors, large rear bumper diffuser and aerodynamic linings, two spoilers and an overlay with  “Lamborghini” lettering .

Each carbon element can be made from three types of carbon fiber to choose: branded Lamborghini Twill 2x2 carbon fiber, which visually matches exactly factory details; branded TopCar Design Twill 4x4 carbon fiber with a larger step of weaving; exclusive Stealth carbon fiber with triangle form weaving.

Each element of the body kit can be ordered separately and combined with a standard Lamborghini Urus carbon package with additional details from TopCar Design.

Branded ultralight forged wheels of both old and new designs with a diameter of 22 to 24 inches are also offered.

All carbon fiber elements are manufactured in the own TopCar Design factory always with the highest quality. We sell our parts worldwide through our network of regional dealers

If there’s no TopCar Design dealer in your area, we can sell our parts to you directly.. All our parts are installing according to factory standards and do not require additional modifications