Mercedes-AMG G63 4x4² - INFERNO body kit

G63 4x4² Inferno

Mercedes-AMG G63 4x4² - INFERNO body kit by TopCar Design.

The aerodynamic body kit is made of carbon fiber. The kit includes many elements : front and rear bumpers, hood, fenders, side skirts, roof light bar and plenty of other carbon detailing.

In these photos you can see the carbon elements that are made of TopCar Design signature carbon fiber (Twill 4x4). But under the order, all elements can be made from branded Mercedes carbon fiber (Twill 2x2). This is a good solution when you want to keep the factory carbon parts with the Inferno body kit. Also, some of the elements can be installed separately without ordering the entire kit.

The final touch - TopCar Design forged wheels with carbon elements.