McLaren 765LT full Carbon body Twill 4x4 ( Pagani Style )

765 LT Spider Carbon Edition
We have completed another unique project. At the customer’s request, we replaced all the exterior panels of this amazing McLaren 765 LT with 4x4 Twill carbon fiber!
When we showed our first work with the McLaren 765 LT Spider (where we also replaced all the body panels with glossy carbon fiber special weave), many thought that we simply pasted carbon fiber to the factory parts. But this is not so !)

We completely replaced factory parts with our own, meaning the factory parts were preserved and ,if the customer wants to return the car to its original look, it will take 3 days of work .
Our body kit doesn’t ruin the aerodynamics of the factory McLaren, we kept the exterior and interior parts and fasteners and replicated the entire aerodynamics of the factory McLaren. We understand the complicated work McLaren has done and that the aerodynamics have been thought out to the last detail, so we decided not to change the shape and aerodynamics of the factory parts.

The only thing is that we put our hood on the car, with more developed air intakes, which allows the car to "breathe" better while running! That is, in fact, we’ve made a “carbon suit” for McLaren 765 LT, which doesn’t spoil, but rather emphasizes the individuality of the owner of the car! Carbon body kit can be made from colored carbon, as well as from carbon of classic weave and color.