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Tuning Mercedes GLE Wagon INFERNO


Tuning Mercedes-Benz GLE Wagon INFERNO

TOPCAR Company is pleased to introduce its new hit — GLE Wagon INFERNO. Traditionally, design of the aerodynamic body kit created in common with the factory key style. But INFERNO created more bold and aggressive, where the factory designers have been constrained by corporate constraints, TOPCAR’s designers showed greater scope and boldness. The aggressive design of the front bumper, carbon fiber muscular hood, extended fenders, side air intakes, a rear bumper with a large diffuser — all this creates a rapid and energetic way of the SUV.

Technology is also interesting. Most of the elements of the body kit made of carbon fiber and Kevlar by vacuum forming. Since the car is equipped with multiple radars and sensors, the front and rear bumpers are made with the use of radio-transparent material on a similar technology, which is used in aviation.

Aerodynamic kit GLE Wagon INFERNO includes: front bumper with aerodynamic elements and diffuser, hood, expanders of the front and rear fenders, pads on the front fenders with logo, side skirts, pads on the front doors and pads with air intakes on the rear doors, rear bumper with air vents and diffuser. As there is a possibility to add a set of ultra-light forged wheels ADV.1. Aerodynamic body kit can be installed on any version of the GLE Wagon.

TOPCAR company’s specialists offer individual designs of car interiors. We use the highest quality, expensive and rare materials — fine leather, crocodile leather, carbon, precious woods, gold 24K.

TOPCAR company has manufacturing facilities in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia.

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Price list
Title Unit price without Carbon Parts
with Carbon Parts
INFERNO body kit
1. Front bumper 3 400 
2. Grille under the stars TopCar design 335 
3. Inserting a front bumper 2 pieces 200 
4. Spoiler of front bumper center 600 
5. LED lights Front bumper 2 pieces 450 
6. Front lip 1 150 
7. Hood TopCar Design 3 500 
8. Front Fender Flares 2 pieces 840 
9. Lining on the front fenders with logo TopCar 2 pieces 375 
10. Door panels in the front door 2 pieces 240 
11. Door panels with air duct in the rear door 2 piece 1 100 
12. Insert into the lining on the rear doors 2 pieces 100 
13. Rear spoiler 600 
14. Side skirts top 2 pieces 1 750 
15. Fender extensions rear 2 pieces 840 
16. Rear bumper with air intakes 3 100 
17. Insert in the rear bumper 2 pieces 100 
18. Rear diffuser 1 500 
TOPCAR Logos, set (any colours) 120 
Wheel spacers, set 615 
Installation / Painting 4 500 
TopCar Design Logo (Shark) 500 
22. Pad on the rear door 315 
2. Grille under the stars TopCar design, Lacquered carbon 900 
3. Inserting a front bumper 2 pieces, Lacquered carbon 700 
4. Spoiler of front bumper center, Lacquered carbon 1 200 
6. Front lip, Lacquered carbon 2 000 
7. Hood TopCar Design, Lacquered carbon 4 950 
9. Lining on the front fenders with logo TopCar, 2 pieces, Lacquered carbon 750 
12. Insert into the lining on the rear doors 2 pieces, Lacquered carbon 200 
13. Rear spoiler, Lacquered carbon 1 200 
17. Insert in the rear bumper 2 pieces, Lacquered carbon 400 
18. Rear bumper diffuser, Lacquered carbon 2 500 
19. Air ducts in the hood 2 pieces, Lacquered carbon 300 
20. Side mirrors 2 pieces, Lacquered carbon 600 
21. Door handles, top part 4 pieces, Lacquered carbon 970 
23. Inlay for side skirts, 2 pieces, Lacquered carbon 2 400 
Set of the pedals (3 pcs). Black. 350 
Set of the pedals (3 pcs). Aluminium. 350 
Set of the carpets INFERNO. Black. 400 
Set of the carpets INFERNO. Brown. 400 

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