Porsche Cayenne crossed with Bentley


Moscow studio Topcar presented his vision of the German SUV
Porsche Cayenne GTR obvese sample of 2007 from the Moscow studio Top Car - car itself is outstanding. After kit costs 50 000 euros, and given the cost of Porsche Cayenne, you can imagine how much it costs the owner of the car. However, someone seems this is not enough, and the client does not even lay off approximately the same amount only for the interior, made in the style of British car Bentley. Made in one piece, and the car has received the appropriate name - Top Car GTR Unique.

Porsche Cayenne Bentley 1

The salon is finished in black leather, carbon fiber, wood paneling covered with piano lacquer, in the rear armrest is located refrigerator and socket ignition key moved from left to right. Besides other fabricated door panels and ceiling mounted brakes Brembo, a new exhaust system and 22-inch forged alloy wheels.

 Porsche Cayenne Bentley 2

Like many other projects studio Topcar, this car exists in a single copy, so to say, whether it is about 4 million rubles, which asked its owner, it is meaningless. These cars are rare collectible, and the price depends on the exclusivity. Which in this case does not cause problems.

Porsche Cayenne Bentley 3