Aerodynamic TOPCAR GT (958.1) for Porsche Cayenne 958

Aerodynamic TOPCAR GT (958.1)
The kit includes:
- Front bumper with LED lights
- Extenders front wings
- Side 2 composite thresholds
- Covers for front and rear doors
- Rear-view mirrors with LED-turn signals
- Expanders rear wings
- Rear bumper with diffuser
- Spoiler on the trunk lid body kit parts are made by advanced technology of carbon
fiber and Kevlar by vacuum forming. High quality items do not require adjustment during installation and meet the highest quality standards. And at the moment, declared the action on the set TOPCAR GT (958.1): discount -30% smaller cost base of a whale, which is 17 260 euro. So, under the current stock have the opportunity to purchase aero kit TOPCAR GT (958.1) by price 12 082 euro! Your profit is 5 178 euro!