Porsche Stingray GTR with Crocodile and Gold Interior

TopCar is making Dartz blush with their crocodile and gold interior for the Porsche Stingray GTR.

In a battle of who can make the most obscenely opulent car in the history of mankind, TopCar has stepped up their game with a crocodile and gold interior for the Porsche Stingray GTR. It isn't quite on the level of Dartz's infamous leather-made-from-whale-penis-foreskin, but it is still sure to upset the animal-loving Pamela Anderson types out there.TopCar, the tuning company from Moscow, has taken a Porsche Panamera Turbo S and created a limited-run luxury sedan.

Though all the mechanics remain the same, the car does receive some ADV.1 ultra-light forged disks and a widebody kit (hence the 'Stingray' name). It is completed on the interior with plenty of gold and egregious amounts of crocodile leather. The wood trim is made of Karelian Birch, a strain of European Birch found only in Finland and Russia. The creamy white wood features contrasting brown flecks and is normally used in high-end furniture.The TopCar Stingray GTR will be a limited-run of only 25 copies. Pricing has yet to be announced for the Porsche Panamera conversion kit.