Urus Perfomante Light carbon fiber package

URUS Performante

Urus Perfomante Light carbon fiber package

The idea for the Light carbon fiber package came about after some of our loyal customers received their new Lamborghini Urus Perfomante from the factory with incomplete carbon fiber packages (hoods and sills were under paint). We were asked to fabricate these parts from the same carbon fiber that the Lamborghini factory uses and outfit their beloved cars with additional carbon parts, which we successfully did. We also added a few more carbon fiber parts that are not included in the factory carbon fiber package from Lamborghini, an aggressive front skirt with our signature «teeth» that attaches to the original Perfomante front skirt, and a few additional carbon fiber parts that will enhance the personality of your Lamborghini Urus Perfomante.
The hood can be done with a paint job like the factory version (as in one of the photos in this post) or leave the entire hood surface completely visible carbon fiber).

Body parts that undergo changes will not be a reason to cancel the warranty on the car.

The body kit parts are attached to the factory locations and do not require additional painting work on installation.  

All parts are available for order. We ship our parts worldwide via our business partners DHL