Porsche 991 Turbo S - Stinger GTR. USA.


The first in the US Porsche 991 Stinger GTR. The car is built by our official dealer -  Boostlogic company, Texas. Full carbon fiber body kit Stinger GTR by TopCar. Engine output is 750 hp, installed a sport exhaust system, the car is painted in the color - Lamborghini ballon white, also installed ultra-light forged wheels ADV.1

More technical information:


When your stock 991 Turbo just isn’t enough, Boost Logic has the perfect package for you. While it is arguably the purest, most well-preserved cars in automotive history, there were some aspects in which the 991 Turbo was lacking. As cars near production, due to all the regulations manufacturers are required to apply, cars get tamed down a little bit. Our 750X Package rights those wrongs, transforming your stock 911 Turbo’s muted and restricted exhaust into a richer and throatier sound, increasing the engine’s power as well. Combined with the other modifications included in the Boost Logic 991 750X Package, Boost Logic will change your Porsche 991 Turbo to make it into the machine the engineers and purists desired it to be.


Stock forced induction 991 Porsches tend to lack much exhaust sound at all. Compared to their revvy and lively naturally aspirated counterparts or even their forced induction predecessors, there is a lot of induction noise rather than a bellowing howl or grunt. As your stock Porsche 991 Turbo rolls into the shop, the tame restrictive factory exhaust is replaced by our Boost Logic Formula Series Titanium Exhaust System which does worlds in opening up the car, totally transforming the subdued feel of a stock 991 Turbo into something more expected from a supercar. No longer will your 991 Turbo sound like an airplane whooshing by overhead. The exhaust tone under load will let everyone know who is coming, matching much better with its looks and classic heritage. Coupled with the Cobb Accessport and our Custom Boost Logic tune, both working to maximize the potential of your once restricted 991 Turbo, your car’s liveliness and character will increase multiple fold. The Boost Logic 750X Package is a must for any 991 Turbo.


The Boost Logic 750X Package for the Porsche 991 Turbo has been proven to produce gains of over 700hp above stock, easily boosting your 991 Turbo to compete with even more expensive supercars. Producing 750hp, the Boost Logic 991 750X Package makes more power than the fastest Porsches to come out of Stuttgart, the Carrera GT and the 911 GT2 RS, respectively. Additionally, if you are planning to further modify your 991 Turbo in the future, the parts used in the 750X Package can be used in our larger power packages as well making this package all the more convenient.


  • Boost Logic Custom Upgraded Turbochargers (Stock Cores
  • Boost Logic Custom Formula Exhaust System
  • Boost Logic Custom Headers Ceramic Coated
  • Boost Logic 6″ Intercooler Kit with Silicone Hoses and Carbon Fiber Duct
  • Boost Logic 4″ Intake Kit
  • Boost Logic Aluminum Intercooler Y Pipe
  • Cobb Tuner
  • Boost Logic Custom Tune