Porsche 992 Stinger GTR Stealth Edition Gradient

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Porsche 992 Stinger GTR Stealth Edition Gradient
We are happy to present you a new exclusive car built by TopCar Design: Stinger GTR Limited Stealth Edition limited number 3 of 7! And, although, we produce a series of 7 cars, each of them has its own unique configuration.
In this case, we demonstrate the new vision in exterior design - gradient painting.
The entire car’s body is an exclusive carbon fiber with a Stealth texture, but the front part of the body is dark blue carbon, and in the middle it smoothly turns into black. This
can be compared to the fuselage of a fighter: when the tail section seems to "burn" from the high temperature of jet engines.
An interesting detail: we decided to focus on brake calipers, so they are black in front on a blue body, and blue in the back on a black background.
Stinger GTR, built on the 992 basis, and, it is significantly more than the usual Turbo S. After the most complicated transformations, we get a completely new carbon supercar.

100 % of the car's surfaces were subject to replacement or alteration! All new body panels are manufactured in TopCar Design own factory.Thanks to the extensive experience of our company's engineers, the highest level of quality is totally achieved .
Designer’s work is also an important part.

Stinger GTR Limited Stealth Edition project looks like the maximum performance of design and aerodynamics that only possible on the basis of standard Porsche 992 Turbo S.
Interior of the car is made of snow-white Nappa leather in combination with dark blue leather and camouflage inserts. Working with interior we also used Stealth carbon fiber, as well as on the body.
On illuminated thresholds, limited serial number of the model is indicated – 3 of 7.
Exclusive sport car should also sound special. Therefore, a high-performance titanium exhaust system Akrapovic Exhaust System is installed on the car.
Exclusive ultralight forged wheels of TopCar Design were especially made for this car.

The unique Stinger GTR Limited Stealth Edition 3/7 is on sale now
Brand new, no mileage. The car has German registration.
Net price : € 620,000 With an additional price , we can deliver the car anywhere in the world.For all questions and suggestions , write to the following email: info@topcar-design.com.
We will answer you soon.
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EUR 620 000
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