Porsche 992 Cabriolet Stinger GTR Carbon Edition

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Porsche 992 Cabriolet Stinger GTR Carbon Edition
Exclusive cars built on the basis of Porsche models have been the main focus of TopCar Design for almost 20 years.
Stinger GTR Cabrio Limited Carbon Edition - created on the Porsche 992 Turbo S basis. The series is limited to 13 body kits and each of it is created in an individual configuration, which excludes the existence of two identical cars. Stinger GTR.

The Stinger GTR, built on the 992 basis , is significantly more ,than usual Turbo S. After the most complicated transformations, we get a completely new carbon supercar.
100 % of the car 's surfaces are subject to replacement or modification! All new body panels are manufacturing in own TopCar Design factory. Thanks to the extensive experience of our company 's engineers , the highest level of quality is achieved . The work of designers is also an important part.
The Stinger GTR Cabrio Limited Carbon Edition project looks like the maximum performance of design and aerodynamics, that is only possible on the basis of the standard Porsche 992 Turbo S.

 Here is the brand new car ( without mileage ) limited number 9 of 13.
The car is made of the highest quality carbon 4x4 twill in deep blue color , with detailing from the same carbon in classic black color.
 The interior is made of dark blue Nappa leather with bright yellow edgings and stitching using the same type of carbon fiber from which the body is made. On the illuminated thresholds, serial number of the model is indicated - 9 from 13.

Akrapovic Exhaust System Exclusive sport car should also sound special. Therefore, a high-performance titanium exhaust system Akrapovic Exhaust System is installed here.
Brixton forged Exclusive ultralight forged wheels from our partner Brixton forged were especially made for this car.

 The unique Stinger GTR Cabrio Limited Carbon Edition 9/13 is on sale. Cost : $ 650,000
 With an additional price, we can deliver the car anywhere in the world 
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